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Pineta Trees no.1
Pineta Trees no.2
Yellow Blue Square
Abstract Oak

Ref: Hidden Secrets
Medium: Photograph

Ref: 'Amorous Green'
Medium: Photograph

Ref: 'Live And Learn'
Medium: Photograph

Abstract Oak
Medium: Photograph

Abstract Oak Branch
Through And Blue
River Deep-Mountain High
Rustic Blue & Bold no.2

Ref:Amazing Ancient Oak
Medium: Photograph

Ref: Through and Blue
Medium: Photograph

Ref:'River Deep-Mountain High'
Medium: Photographic Giclée
Signed Limited Edition
Size: 60 x 42cm (A2) or (A1)

Ref: Rustic Blue & Bold
Medium: Photograph

Indian Whisper
Dancing On The Ceiling
It's Not Easy Being Green
Bare Necessities

Ref:'Indian Whisper'
Medium: Photograph

Draw The Line

Ref:'Draw The Line'
Medium: Photographic Giclée


Ref:'Dancing On The Ceiling'
Medium: Photographic Giclée

Simple Complexity

Ref:'Simple Complexity'
Medium: Photographic Giclée

Ref:'It's Not Easy Being Green'

Medium: Photograph

Nature's Choice

Ref:'Nature's Choice'
Medium: Photographic Giclée

Ref: Bare Necessities
Medium: Photograph

Foxy Lady

Ref:'Foxy Lady'
Medium: Photographic Giclée

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I'II Climb Any Mountain
'l'll Climb Any Mountain' Fine Art Photographic Giclée (Signed & Numbered Limited Edition of 295)
Size: 30 x 90cm (Panoramic Format)

*Giclées printed with ‘Seven Colour UltraChrome Pigment’ on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag (100% cotton rag) Paper 308gsm

Please note: The Artist will make a donation for each 'tree' print sold to 'The Woodland Trust' Conservation Fund.

"Impulses of Nature
Complexities of a leaf so delicate, takes my heart...
A dappled thought in a dappled shade.
The physicality of Being. Phantom. Real.
A backlit green revealing all...
Dreams of stormy skies
Deep deep deeper than the deep blue.
The day l met the sky".

- Melissa Sadie Wright ' Random Thoughts' 01/07/04



"And so she comes to dream herself the tree,
The wind possessing her, weaving her young veins,
Holding her to the sky and its quick blue,
Drowning the fever of her hands in sunlight.
She has no memory, nor fear, nor hope
Beyond the grass and shadows at her feet".

- Hart Crane 'Abstract Garden' 1932

images copyright © Melissa Sadie Wright 2004 - 2011. All rights reserved.