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2005 Vol 10 no 11/12 'Tips & Picks'


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Venta y exposición de obras de Melissa Sadie Wright (cuadros) y Jose Rodriguez (Obras en madera, espejos de chinebro etc www.mosaicospirineos.com)

"CALLIZO" Restaurante, Plazor Mayor, L'Ainsa, Sobrarbe, España. Tel: (+34) 974500385

"MOLINIAS" 6 Beautiful Rural Apartments situated just outside of L'Ainsa, Sobrarbe, España. Tel: (+34) 699498689
www.molinias.es to book accommodation.

Molinias is just 10 mins by car from Ainsa (the capital of Sobrarbe & one of the most beautiful medieval villages of the Aragon Pyrenees).

A land of snowy peaks, canyons, enchanting woodlands, waterfalls& lakes of crystal clear waters... Please email for more information: info@visionblue.net

"South East Open Studios" UK Advert 2007

Photos of the Molinias Estate:
Views from 'Chinibro' Apartment Atmospheric Molinias in Winter 'Aquarian Ice-Age' in 'Sabina' Apartment Molinias Estate in Winter Beautiful balcony
Views from 'Carrasca' Apartment in Winter Views of Apartment balconies from garden.<empty> 'Moonlight Waves ' Series in 'Chinibro' Apartment 'Grazed Knees' (detail) in 'Sabina' Apatment 'Cloud-cuckoo-land' in 'Chinibro' Apartment
Mural in 'Cajigo' Apatment 'Special Blend' 'Catch Me If You Can' series in  'Cajigo' Apartment 'Horizontal Moments' Blossom in Molinias 'Sweet Sensation'
*All artworks displayed in Molinias are available for purchase!

“BODEGA REYNO DE SOBRARBE” Calle Santa Cruz, 14, (Plaza Mayor), L’AINSA, España. Tel: (+34) 974510074
Selección de fotos y cuadros (6 cuadros) .
'Beyond Skin' 'Echoes & Silences'

"LOS SIETE REYES" Hotel, Plaza Mayor, L’Ainsa, Sobrarbe, España. Tel: (+34) 974500681
Selección de cuadros y Fine Art Photographic Giclées (throughtout this stunning new hotel up in the Medieval Square)

“FISIOBRARBE” Avda. Aragón 6 (frente al Instituto), L’AINSA, España. Tel: (+34) 974500519
Selección de fotos y cuadros.
Fisiobrarbe, Espaņa. Fisiobrarbe, Espaņa.
Fisiobrarbe, Espaņa. Fisiobrarbe, Espaņa.

"ARTISTS STUDIO" La Prida, 15, San Juan de Parres, CANGAS DE ONIS, Asturias, España. Tel: (+34) 635824960
Viewing by appointment.

Views from Oncins

“N’ARTES” (Cristobal Nogues e Hijos) Calle Manuel Bescós, 2-4, HUESCA, España. Tel: (+34) 974239275
Comprar fotos.


Pamella Lloyd Memorial Exhibition, Ashford, Kent, UK 1993 & 1994
The Cave Gallery, Whitstable, Kent, UK 18/03/96 – 11/04/96
Degree Show, K.I.A.D. Canterbury, Kent, UK 1997
Reeves and Neylan Summer Exhibition, Canterbury, Kent, UK 1997
Plumbase Design Studio, Kent, UK, 2002-2003
Bodega, Casa Paulino, The Plaza Mayor, L’Ainsa, Sobrarbe, España, 2003
Liguerre de Cinca, Sobrarbe, España. 2003-2006
Reflections, Charing, Kent, UK. 2004-2006
Renovarte, Museo Etnológico de Torla, Ordesa, Sobrarbe, España. 2004
Fisiobrarbe, L’Ainsa, Sobrarbe, España. 2004 -ongoing (see above)

Renovarte, Iglesia de San Martin, Tella, Sobrarbe, España.
30/07/05 - 18/09/05
'Salud-Arte' El Centro de Salud, L'Ainsa, Sobrarbe, España. 01/09/05 - 20/10/05
www.zerooneart.co.uk (July - Artist Of The Month/ 'Real Homes Magazine' July 2005 Edition UK)
“BODEGA REYNO DE SOBRARBE” Calle Santa Cruz, 14, (Plaza Mayor), L’AINSA, España.2006 -ongoing (see above)
'Kultu-Rulales' Mipanas, Sobrarbe, España. December 8/9/10 2006
'Exposiciòn colectiva del Taller de Arte de Labuerda' El Centro de Salud, L'Ainsa, Sobrarbe, España. 01/07/07 - 31/07/07
'Percepciòn natural...', Sala de Caballerizas, Castillo de L'Ainsa, Sobrarbe, España. 27/08/07 - 02/09/07
The Barn Gallery, Bilsington, Ashford, Kent, UK 19/10/07 - 2009 (Group)
Callizo Restaurante, L'Ainsa,
Sobrarbe, España. 01/03/08 - ongoing (see above)
Casa Cuello (Bar y restaurante), Morillo de Tou, Sobrarbe, España. 28/01/10 - 2012
'Recorridos' Sala de exposiciones Palacio de Congresos, Boltaña, Sobrarbe, España 11/03/10 - 14/03/10
Various Private & Corporate Collections.


'A few examples of the work in the Exposiciòn 'Percepciòn natural...' Castillo de Ainsa, España.

'Examples of the students/tutors work in the 'Exposiciòn colectiva del Taller de Arte de Labuerda':
Still-life by Carmen
'Burning with Extacy' by Melissa B/W collage by Virginia 'Where are the peaches?' by M.Angel

B/W Collage by Asun B/W collage by Melissa (unfinished) 'Crimson II' by Carmen Mixed-media leaf by Anapi
B/W Collage by M.Angel B/W Collages in exhibition
Portrait transcriptions by Carmen & Anapi
Autumn Collage by Jose
Autumn leaves by Socorro Autumn collage by M.Angel

Below: Article on Renovarte from the AltoAragon Newspaper 31.07.05

Below (left to right): 'Hip To Be Square' 140 x 185cm / 'Blue Biscuit Crumbs' 105 x 100cm / 'Life Cycle Of A Chicken' 110 x 200cm
Sin Traduccíon 'Migajas de galleta azul' 'El ciclo vital de un pollo'
Below (left to right): 'Green Thoughts'' 115 x 150cm / 'Snail' 114 x 140cm
'Pensamientos verdes' 'Caracol'

'Salud-Arte' El Centro de Salud, L'Ainsa, Sobrarbe, España. 01/09/05 - 20/10/05

Below: 'Free Spirit' 80 x 120cm / Various works in the exhibition...


All images copyright © Melissa Sadie Wright 2004 - 2013. All rights reserved.